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To promote and facilitate cooperation among CIB members and partners in the fields of building and construction in the West and Central Asia and Caucuses region.

The main functions of CIB Regional Office in Tehran are :

• Facilitating communication and information sharing among CIB members and  with the CIB secretariat and partners

• Promoting and facilitate membership of experts and institutions from the region at the CIB

• Promoting cooperation and exchange of knowledge and expertise in building and construction

• Promoting resource development for multilateral cooperation at regional level

• Supporting CIB Board and Secretariat plans and initiatives in the region.

The programmatic focus areas are :

• Upgrading the  standards of building and construction in the region

• Improving the socio-economic quality of building and construction

• Integration of environmental standards in building and construction

• Energy efficiency in construction and urban planning

• Integration of disaster risk reduction standards and methodologies in building and construction

• Developing standards and models  for  low cost and resilient buildings.