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The 106th meetings of CIB Board and Committee will be held on October 30 and 31, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan at the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ). Dr. Parhizkar, member of scientific board, director of Concrete Department in BHRC and member of CIB board will take part at these meetings.

These meetings will be held in conjunction with the One-day Seminar on “Integrated Design & Delivery Solution (IDDS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), which is scheduled for November 1, 2013. This one- day seminar will be co- hosted by Building Research Institute (BRI) and Japan Federation of Construction Contractors (JFCC)

Council of Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) was established in 1953 by its French name “Conseil International du Bâtiment".  In 1998, its name changed but kept its abbreviation.

Its objectives  include stimulate and facilitate international cooperation and information exchange among governmental research institutes in the building and construction sector, with an emphasis on those institutes engaged in technical fields of research.  

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